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Purchase tickets from primary sources. We allow only primary sources for tickets and keep the market fair for everyone.

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We imagine a world where the relationship between fans and entertainers is much more symbiotic. Every time a ticket is resold at a markup, a copyright is infringed or a counterfeit item is sold, the entertainer loses.

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Secondary ticket sellers usually add a markup which is passed along to consumers. Save money by buying tickets at their original price!




Live entertainment search is broken. Pay-for-placement search results allow authorized sources for tickets, audio and video downloads, and merchandise to be diluted with results which benefit copyright infringers and second-hand sellers and hurt fans and entertainers. Fans are increasingly using mobile devices to find local and timely entertainment information, but mobile search results are skewed and distorted by illegitimate and unauthorized vendors. Unauthorized and secondary ticket and merchandise sales also rob entertainers of their fair share of profits.

We built Fan Central Station™ because the current mobile app market lacks a tool that allows fans to quickly and easily find live events near them, purchase tickets at face value, and buy official merchandise and authorized downloads from their favorite entertainers. As live entertainment fans ourselves, we have created the premium mobile platform for fans. Fans of music. Fans of comedians. Fans of collegiate and professional sports. Fans of live entertainment. Our seamless interface, up-to-the-minute content, and ease of use are second to none. And by offering only authorized tickets, audio and video downloads, and official merchandise, you can have peace of mind that the dollars you spend are supporting the live entertainers you love.

“Not all those who wander are lost”

– J. R. R. Tolkien