Why is the Fan Central Station app only available on iPhone?

We built our system in a controlled environment, to ensure that we have a stable and sustainable product before attempting to support it on more than one operating system. To our dear friends who use Android phones, a version of the app is on the way soon!

What information does Fan Central Station store about me, and what do you do with it?

We take user privacy very seriously. Our app requires as little information about you as possible —  just enough to identify your account, and a few questions about the events you like and your location. This data ensures that the app provides you with the most relevant and timely information regarding live entertainment events in your area.

We do not share or resell our users’ personal information to third parties. Rather, we use the information we gather to refine the app and guide our efforts to include more ticketing markets nationwide.

Does Fan Central Station cost anything?

Our app is free. There are no hidden fees.

What can I purchase in the Fan Central Station app?

We do not sell anything directly within the app itself. We provide plenty of links where you can purchase event tickets, audio and video content, and official merchandise, but those transactions occur outside of the app directly from the authorized vendor or source. No payment information is ever exchanged inside our system.

What events does the app show?

We built Fan Central Station to help fans find authentic content, official tickets, and licensed merchandise. We have partnered with the largest ticket providers (and more are joining all the time), and the only events that appear on our map are those provided by our affiliates or vendors. There are events that won’t show up on our app, but every event you do see is a legitimate live entertainment opportunity – and no scalpers, counterfeiters, or copyright infringers stand in your way. Fan Central Station is a win for fans and entertainers alike!

Can I suggest entertainers or events to be added to the app?

The events listed in the site come directly from the ticketing companies with which we are partnered, but entertainers are welcome to apply to join our system if they are not currently listed. Once their information is verified, users can find the entertainer by searching their name in the app — whenever they have an event using one of our affiliate ticket providers, the event will automatically show up on our map and on the respective entertainer’s page within our app.

I logged in using Facebook — what account information can the app see?

Using Facebook to sign into our app only allows us to authenticate you. Fan Central Station will not have access to your friends list, and will not be able to see your posts or post anything on your behalf.

Why can’t I see the price of tickets inside the app?

Ticket providers often have a range of ticket prices for a particular event, and in some cases ticket inventory changes very quickly. Our system finds events that are happening around you and sends you to the appropriate ticket provider’s dedicated page for a particular event. Since we do not sell tickets ourselves, we can only give you an idea of the relative cost of an event and our affiliate ticket providers manage their own inventory on their respective web pages.

What do the dollar signs mean?

The dollar signs are calculated based on the ticket price range. They are calculated as follows:

$ = 0-$10.00

$$ = $10.01-$50.00

$$$ = $50.01+

Why are some events shown on the app even if tickets are not available online anymore?

Many events have tickets available at the door, and we do not manage ticket inventory for any of the events we show. Fan Central Station is only an informational resource for fans to find events near them, and to purchase tickets from official ticketing providers with whom we are affiliated. Also, our app is an easier way to explore the audio and video content that entertainers put out themselves, and fans can buy licensed merchandise without having to do any more searching.

What is the “Favorites” list used for?

When fans mark an entertainer as a “Favorite,” it is added to their “Favorites” list. This allows fans to more easily find upcoming tour dates, streaming media, and official merchandise for any entertainer they like, without having to search for them every time. In a future version of the app, we plan to let fans turn on notifications when one of their favorite entertainers has a new upcoming event nearby, or new content available online, so fans can take action faster.

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