How can I/we get listed as an Entertainer inside Fan Central Station?

First, fill out the form here to give us your information. Once you are verified, you will receive a confirmation and will then be searchable in our app. Fans can find your dedicated entertainer page in our app, where they can access your official links to audio and video content and licensed merchandise. Whenever you have an event where ticketing is provided by one of our affiliates, your event will automatically be shown on the map in our app as well.

What if the links and other information listed in the app need to be changed or edited?

Once you are a verified entertainer (see above), our Entertainer Relations team will happily correct any errors or make any changes related to your listing. One of our core values includes making our app a place that is imminently beneficial to entertainers and fans alike — incorrect information in our system does not serve anyone, so we want to make it right as soon as possible too!

How long does it take for an event to become available on the app?

We check current ticketing data from our affiliate ticketing providers several times a day, every day. Within a few minutes to a few hours after your event goes live with the ticketing provider, it will also be available in our app.

Can I pay for higher visibility in the app?

A core problem in the entertainment industry we are trying to solve is the notion of pay-for-placement. Our app is designed to show fans a comprehensive selection of ticketed events happening around them, and let them decide what to explore based on their personal preferences. Our event listings are contextual to the user’s current location and time — they are organized by physical distance from the user’s current location, and by time of day. There is no capacity within our system for showing one event higher in our list than another based on any other criteria except physical distance and time.

What makes Fan Central Station a good thing for entertainers like me?

Live entertainment search has a number of problems. Anyone can pay for higher placement on search results pages, and for many entertainers that often means any number of promoted links come before your official listing. This can be confusing for fans, and they unknowingly find unlicensed audio and video content and counterfeit merchandise. None of this benefits you, the entertainer. The same is true for secondary ticket sellers, who mark up the face value of tickets but do not pass along any of the additional revenue. Secondary tickets often come with no protection for the buyer, and when lost tickets cannot be re-issued or other problems arise, it reflects poorly on your brand.

Our goal is to give fans a free and easy way to see only official links to tickets, digital content, and licensed merchandise so they pay a fair price for their purchases and be assured those purchases are providing the entertainers they support with maximum benefit (in terms of revenue and clicks).

How can my fans find out about Fan Central Station?

The more folks hear about the app, the better it is for fans AND entertainers! We encourage you to talk about the app, and about the issue of secondary markets for tickets, bootleg digital content, and unlicensed merchandise. These markets siphon money from the fan-entertainer relationship with little benefit to the entertainer, and often result in greater costs to fans.

Additionally, our Entertainer Relations team is happy to provide additional Fan Central Station materials you can use to introduce your fan base to the app via social media, your website, and even at your live events. Just click here to contact them and let’s work together to put the power back in the hands of entertainers and fans!

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